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ASP.NET/SQL Development Standards

This document is a work in progress and contains the standards to be used when developing applications using the .NET framework and Microsoft SQL Server. We realize this document cannot anticipate every situation that may arise, and as everyone’s knowledge of .NET grows these standards will require changes to keep current. When a better method is found, it should be brought to the group for discussion and consideration prior to integrating into a production application.
The standards will discuss the following:
  • best practices
  • dos and don'ts
  • pitfalls
  • guidelines
  • recommendations
  • naming conventions and styles
  • project settings and structure
  • framework-specific guidelines
In addition, the standards will allow a more fluid knowledge dissemination across the team.
While fully understanding every insight that goes into a particular programming decision may require reading books and even years of experience, applying the standards should not. Being able to comply with a good standard should come before fully understanding and appreciating it – that should come over time, with experience. The coding standards capture best practices, dos and don'ts, pitfalls, guidelines, and recommendations, as well as naming conventions and styles, project settings and structure, and framework-specific guidelines.
Refer to the following sections for further information on the ASP.NET Development Standards:

Additional information

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